Original Art and Fandom Love

Original Art

Transference by hazeydazye. Original Art for Chestnut NOLA’s Criminal Minds/Sentinel Fusion series Transference.

This morning I received an original piece of art for my Criminal Mind/Sentinel Fusion series Transference by the artist, hazeydazey on AO3. Still, hours later, I am floored and amazed and just so damn happy to have received it. I’m barely coherent in between squeeing in excitement and hugging myself silly!

This gift was unexpected.

This gift is beautiful.

This gift represents all that is good and great about fandom and being a participant in fandom.

I love seeing original art from fan artists and I know there are hours and hours of work that go into completing a piece of art whether it be a digital painting or done in a traditional medium. Writers in fandom are blessed with talent and many of our Readers are talented artists who willingly work to let us know how much they love our stories through their art.

I’m privileged to be a recipient of one such generous artist’s work today and I’m so glad my story series Transference touched them enough to inspire them.

They have inspired me, as well.

I have had a fourth novel in the series put on the backburner for a long while now. hazeydazey’s gift has inspired me to dust the idea off after more than a few years and start planning what I’m going to do with it. It’s definitely going on my writing homework list for publication next year.

Thank you, hazeydazey your art is just amazing and so gorgeous that words don’t do it justice.

Thank you to all of our wonderful Fan Artists. You don’t get enough credit for your work, but I know that fandom writers, readers, and artists, participants, and lurkers enjoy seeing the wonderful art produced in fandom immensely.

You can read the Transference series on my website or AO3!

Best, The Nut.

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