00Q Reverse Big Bang!

A Bloody Big Ship

Well, I’m continuing my duties (and adding to them) as the moderator for the 00Q Reverse Big Bang Art and Writing Challenge. My first year moderating not only the challenge, but also being a moderator of any kind in fandom, was a wonderful experience despite email communications issues due to gmail’s spam filters.

To help solve this problem and keep participants and non-participants in the loop, I’ve created a website/blog for the challenge. Folks can now subscribe to receive announcements  via email. The 00Q RBB’s tumblr is still the main site for the challenge; however, many individuals that don’t use the platform can now follow along with what’s happening by subscribing to the new blog.

The 00Q (James Bond/Q) fandom is a small one, but very active and 00Q folks came out in full force for last year’s challenge. The results of which were bloody fantastic. The challenge had 21 artists who completed 31 pieces of original art and 38 authors who produced 41 stories at 400K+ in new fic for the enjoyment of the fandom.

This year, I have moved up the sign-ups date by one month, so author check-in is schedule for November rather than December. This change will give pinch-hitter writers, who take over prompts for folks that have to drop out, more time to complete their stories. Posting for the 2017-2018 00Q Reverse Big Bang is scheduled for January 20th to 27th in 2018.

The 00Q Reverse Big Bang has been going on since 2014 and you can check out all the art and stories over on tumblr or in the collections on AO3.

To subscribe to the 00Q RBB’s new website, head over here!

Best, The Nut

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