London Spy: Opinion

London Spy

I found potatoes of defiance tumblr post, London Spy and the Danger of a Single Story incredibly insightful. It’s a travesty that many films and television shows with a LGBTQ main character more often than not end tragically. I enjoyed watching London Spy and Mr. Whishaw was phenomenal in it, but at the same time it was a painful five hours to experience.

For me, potatoes of defiance’s opinion piece about London Spy’s affirmation of gay trauma speaks to fandom’s anguish for Tom Rob Smith’s characters and plot. The show could have been so much more, if it had been allowed to be and I don’t believe a happy resolution would have ruined it at all or made it derivative.

You can check out potatoes of defiance’s post here

London Spy and the Danger of a Single Story

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