London Spy: the birth of a fandom

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On December 10th, three days after BBC Two aired the final episode of London Spy, I took a gander at the latest fandom added to Archive of Our Own (AO3). On that evening, there were already 49 fan works on the site, and I noted in a Facebook post that I was witnessing (and perhaps becoming a part of) the creation of a new fandom.

The show just aired its second episode here in the States, and I believe that this new fledgling fandom (a little speck of dust on the big floor of fandom) will probably start growing a bit. As of today at 5:00 pm central time, there are 117 fan works on AO3. I decided to do a bit more googling and came across a post that I think speaks to the majority of the feelings people in the fandom community have regarding the show.

vigilanteflower on tumblr, “The entire London Spy fandom is just going
to be an AU where Alex is alive and well. No one shall speak of canon.”

I would say in perusing AO3’s London Spy offerings, this is absolutely true. The feed is full of lovely fix-it, retellings, and AU stories to get our happy ending. There are also quite a few crossovers, specifically 27 stories crossed with the 00Q fandom (James Bond – Craig Interation) with 2 so far, crossing over with Kingsman:The Secret Service fandom. Also, some of the stories crossing over into the 00Q fandom contain the theme that Danny Holt becomes Q. For me, I don’t agree, since the character of Danny is very different from Q, but of course fandom’s writers and artists can do anything they want. It’s a beautiful thing, as well is Ben Whishaw, who plays both characters.

I do think the anguish I’ve seen on tumblr, facebook, etc., that people are experiencing from this tale of love found and lost, can only be assuaged through the literature and art created by fandom. Of course, many of us hope to hell the BBC will film another season (preferably with our happy ending). But, it also speaks to me of a need. I cannot remember ever seeing a high quality television show or movie that has a LGBTQ main character that doesn’t end tragically or extremely sad in some way. It’s frustrating and a travesty in my opinion, but I hope that I will see at least one in my lifetime.

In the meantime (while I’m waiting), I’m planning to write my own fix-it fic for Danny and Alex. I’m also caving to the crossover phenomenon, but not crossing my story with 00Q. If you have looked at this site, you know I’m a rabid, obsessed, 00Q whore (I mean that in a good way). However, I can just see Danny’s search for the truth to be a case the great detective and his blogger would take on. And yes, Alex is alive and waiting.

Best, The Nut.

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