Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year Banner 2016

I want to wish all of my friends in fandom the very best in the new year. Finally participating in the fandom after lurking for thirteen years has been life-changing for me. The community is full of wonderful people and I’m ecstatic to be a part of it. I’m not going to make any resolutions for the new year, except to hope that society will continue to grow and change for the better.

As for me and fandom, I want to thank everyone, whether your a reader or a writer or both, for your wonderful comments on my stories here and on AO3. Thank you so much for reading my work. As a new writer the support and encouragement is appreciated. Lastly, to all of the members of the Facebook groups I’ve become a part of… you guys are the best. It’s been so much fun interacting with you all and I’ve learned so much about fandom, writing, and myself by becoming a member.

A quick year in review to remind me when I’m old and gray what my first year writing has produced.

I’ve written five stories since July in three different fandoms encompassing 124,868 words and I’ll be publishing my sixth in Mid-January as part of the 00Q Reverse Big Bang Challenge.

My plans for the new year include trying my hand at an original novel and dealing with the evil plot bunnies that have befallen me over the last few months! You can check out the post for Future Fiction, as well as my Facebook notes for planned fanfiction stories for 2016. If all goes well I hope to add over a 150,000 words of fanfiction to this site by the end of the year.




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