100,000 Words

Banner by Chestnut NOLA

Banner by Chestnut NOLA

I realized after I had posted the third chapter of my current WIP today, that I have stumbled over the 100,000 word mark in just four months. I’m a bit stunned at myself, since I only started writing fiction in July. I know it’s a small drop in the ocean of fandom, when so many other authors have been sharing their work for years. But, it is significant for me considering that I had never written a story in my life before and honestly didn’t think I could.

I’ve been a lurker since 2002 and only recently decided to stop lurking and start participating in fandom. I signed up with my fandom name on Facebook in April and continued to lurk until June, when I decided to participate in Keira Marco’s Rough Trade writing challenge. Then the lurking stopped, I started commenting on fic that I enjoyed, got great tips and advice on writing, and I’ve made some lovely fandom friends.

It’s been a wonderful adventure so far and I’m so overjoyed to be a part of it that I have come out of the fandom closet to my family. They mostly don’t get it, but they have been encouraging nonetheless. My mother is so excited that I’m teaching myself to write that she has willingly and wholeheartedly read all of my stories. Lucky for me, she’s become quite liberal in her later years since my fandom writing is m/m romance with a dash of erotic sensuality. It’s not really her cup of tea (or coffee), but she admits to having enjoyed my efforts.

I’m so glad I stopped lurking. For anyone in fandom thinking about trying their hand at writing. I would say… Go For It. The rewards outway the risks. Best, The Nut.

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