Chestnut NOLA on WordPress


As a Luddite, I’ve resisted being more involved social media over the years. I signed up for Facebook kicking and screaming, didn’t use my LiveJournal for 10 years other than to lurk, and have so far sucessfully avoided signing up for twitter. I also have no idea what Tumblr is about and it seems difficult to navigate. Having said all of that, with my new involvement in writing in fandom I decided to figure out how to set up a blog/website for my stories. The last three days has been an excercise in frustration and WTF, but I have suceeded in creating a space for my stories. I’m still tweaking it and have ended up accidentally deleting posts as I’ve worked with it. However, I have finally figured a good portion of it out and I’m fairly pleased with my efforts.

One response to “Chestnut NOLA on WordPress

  1. Damn! First off all I would like to say big thank you… Let me say I`m blogger too.. Its nice to see people whu are better on writing than you. Sorry if my English language s*cks hope you understand!:)


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