Write out of the closet

My name is Kinga and I’m a leader of “Write out of the closet” project based in Poland.

When we started, our goal was to create a friendly place in a virtual space where young authors who are afraid to “come out of the closet” with their work would be able to find advice and support of their more experienced peers. As a part of the project, we created a website where a guide on how to improve your writing is availible, and where begginers can submit their texts, being certain that they will be read and reviewed. 

Another part of the project is a bilingual fanpage (facebook.com/niepiszdoszuflady ) – during November last year we were posting a lot of writing exercises there, but now there is sort of a low time, and posts are only in Polish, due to a Polish entries only competition. As April starts, we are back with prompts and exercises in English too and for our English fans, we posted four interviews with professional and amateur writers:

5 questions to Keirablue Barnes
5 questions to tsuyu
5 questions to Maia Carlson
5 questions to Jayez

My thanks to our partner Redakcja who is hosting these interviews, as the English version of our own website is still being built.

The project exceeded our expectations. We got amazing texts to read and review, both in Polish and in English and some of our fans even sent us messages telling their stories – there were some who only started to write because they found out about our project!

It wasn’t easy. We spent our time and energy to help the project grow. But now it’s basically out of puberty and ready to go to uni! Our child got big, and we can truly say, we made a change. And of that, we’re proud.

Note From The Host: 
As a new writer myself, I’m happy to support such a wonderful project, Best, The Nut.

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